Sanshinkai Aikido Nederland

Welcome to Sanshinkai Aikido Nederland. We are a national association in the Netherlands that promotes and facilitates the practice of a technical line of Aikikai Aikido according to the didactic system of Masatomi Ikeda.

His didactic system is called Sanshinkai Aikido and consists of three pillars. Each pillar supports in a unique way the development of the other two, as they are all based on the same principles. This makes it an integral system, although the focus is on aikido, which is the first and most important pillar.

The second pillar, called genkikai, is a collection of health exercises from at least Shinshin-toitsu-do, Seitai and Nishi Shiki. The third pillar is the hojo no kata of the sixteenth century sword school Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage-ryƫ.

Sanshinkai Aikido Nederland (SAN, pronounced as es-aa-en) has a technical committee with Michele Quaranta shihan as supervisor. He is a student of Masatomi Ikeda shihan. Furthermore, we collaborate internationally with organizations in the same technical line.


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